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Bass Boat Wax


Diamond F.J.A. INC was started back in July of 1995 to Present day. 

           We Design and manufacture our own cleaners and wax products since 07,1995. With the many years of experience using other products in the industry we decided to develop and test out an idea merely for Personal needs and cut the down time by 90%. As we used our own experiment on our own vehicles, people took notice immediately and demanded that we produce it. BUT we wanted to make it without petroleum ingredients which are Toxic and sometimes deadly. We continued to experiment with Biodegradable ingredients and we achieved success. Biodegradable means GREEN, it's just a new one syllable name which people adapt too.






Bass Boss™ Boat Cleaner & Carnauba wax

NEW! label in progress to be launched 2011. This label may vary or it we may completely redo it?

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